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Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014

Publisher:European Agrophysical   Institute


Evaluation of Germination of Wheat Seed Using Fuzzy Modelling:   Application of Microfertilizer with Magnetic Treatment of Water and Seeds

M. V. Ostrovskij, E. D. Krueger, D. A. Kurtener,   S. V. Tsukanov, E.I . Maklyuk

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1 - 13

Fuzzy Multi-Attributive Analyzes of Organic-Mineral Fertilizer   "Stimulayf" and “Humate Sodium” Application for Cultivation of   Dracocephalum L.

D. A. Kurtener, A. A. Komarov, E. D. Krueger, M.   Yu. Lavrukov, N.M. Nayda

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14 - 24

Utilization of Fuzzy Set Theory for Interpretation of Data of   Investigations Of Soil Contamination by Heavy Metals

V. Badenko, D. Kurtener, E. Krueger

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25 - 40

Evaluation of quality of   climatological information

Elena   Krueger and Dmitry Kurtener

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