European Agrophysical Institute

About EAI

The European Agrophysical Institute (EAI) was founded in 2013 and is organized as a nonprofit, scientific and education organization. It is registered in Lugano, Switzerland, according to Switzerland  laws.  

Mission Background

The scope of the EAI is focused on agrophysics as an interdisciplinary field of science and technology dealing with the broad spectrum of research areas including, among others: technical physics, mathematical physics, soil physics, atmosphere physics, agronomy, information technology and precision agriculture. The roots of agrophysics are based in Saint Petersburg (Russia) where A.F. Ioffe (1880 - I960) founded the principles of a new branch of natural and agricultural sciences and was the founder in 1932 Agrophysical Research Institute. A long time international activity on agrophysics is organized by efforts of the Institute of Agrophysics (Lublin, Poland), and Agrophysical Research Institute (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Mission Statement
The mission of EAI is: "to promote academic teaching and research on agrophysics at the European level”.


The purposes of EAI are to: • Organize and conduct international conferences related to agrophysics • Develop and maintain a web-portal to communicate the latest developments in agrophysics with the world, • Publish a quarterly EAI journal. • Publish EAI thematic miscellanies.

  EAI Board  

Uwe Werner, M.D,

Michael Ostrovskij, M.D.

Beerli Guido, Treasurer

Dmitry Kurtener, Prof., D. Sc.,
Board Member

H. Allen Torbert, Ph D,
Board Member