European Agrophysical Institute

Organic Fertilizers Based on Sapropel and Peat

Application of organic-mineral fertilizers (OMF) based on sapropel and peat is of considerable interest. These include the products called “Humin Plus”, “Sapropeat”, “Sapropeat Uni”, “Sapro Agro”, and “Sapro Elixir”. Sapro Agro (manufactured by LLC LATPOWER, Riga, Latvia) is biologically active soil conditioner, produced on environmentally sound technology from natural ingredients: sapropel colloid and active peat ( Sapro Elixir (manufactured by SIA HUMIN VIT, Ogre, Latvia) is produced from natural fresh water lake sapropel with natural moisture. Sapro Elixir contains a full spectrum of natural biologically active ingredients. The product is balanced with limited amounts of NPK and nutrients ( Sapro Elixir is a highly-efficient natural-organic fertilizer and soil enhancer that can be applied on all types of soils and all kinds of fruit and vegetables, sowing and decorative crops, trees, and bushes. Humin Plus/Sapropeet (manufactured by the German-Ukrainian Center for Innovative Agri-industrial Technologies – FuTech) is an organic mineral micro-fertilizer based on a sapropel extract ( A licensed technology based on new physical principles in the processing of raw materials (cavitation combined with magnetic treatment) is used to obtain micro fertilizers with new characteristics (i.e.: improved consistency and increased physiological and biological activity of the ingredients) ( Sapropeat Uni is a biologically active product aimed at rectifying soil health (

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