European Agrophysical Institute

International conference on "Sapropel: extraction, processing, usage".

International conference initiated by Member of European Parliament Alfreds Rubiks (Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of European Parliament) has been held in Riga, Latvia during December 4, 2013, with a theme of "Sapropel: extraction, processing, usage".

At the conference Michael Ostrovsky, Vice President of the European Institute Agrophysics, made a report on a theme of "The sapropel and peat - strategic natural resources: innovative technology for their non-chemical processing; development strategy and experience with new products of deep processing of raw materials in the environmental and traditional agriculture, bio-energy and food industry".

In discussing the summary of the conference, it was suggested to ask the European Agrophysical Institute to be the coordinator of researches on development of agrophysical methods of processing of raw materials (peat and sapropel) in high-tech products for traditional and organic farming.