European Agrophysical Institute

Fuzzy computing in agrophysics

   The aim of EAI project on Fuzzy Computing in Agrophysics is to promote academic teaching and research.

   Traditionally decision of agrophysics problems was evaluated with problem-oriented models. Utilization of fuzzy computing gives new dimension for agrophsics.

   It is well known that in agricultural sciences there exists much fuzzy knowledge, that is, knowledge which is vague, imprecise, uncertain, ambiguous, inexact, or probabilistic in nature. Fuzzy Computing (FC) is power tools for dealing with randomness and uncertainties.

   Because of the potential importance of FC to solve the agricultural research problems Agrophysical Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, began to develop applications of FC in agrophysics 15 years ago. Currently many problems in soil tillage, crop management, precision agriculture, melioration, and agricultural engineering have been solved through FC.

   Information about utilization of FC in agrophysics:

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