European Agrophysical Institute

Professional/Scientific Division on Application of Fuzzy Computing in Agrophysics and Environmental Sciences (P/SD on AFC)

It is well known that in agricultural and environmental sciences there exists much fuzzy knowledge, that is, knowledge which is vague, imprecise, uncertain, ambiguous, inexact, or probabilistic in nature. Fuzzy Computing (FC) is power tools for dealing with randomness and uncertainties.

The purpose of P / SD on the AFC is to provide a platform for researchers and scholars to discuss the topical issues and share their latest data.

Members of P/SD on AFC

Vladimir Badenko
  (head of department)

Dr. Sci., Prof.

Saint-Petersburg   State Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry Kurtener

Dr. Sci., Prof.

European   Agrophysical Institute, Lugano, Switzerland

Elena Krueger

Dr. Sci.

Insight Global,   Greenwood Village, CO, USA