European Agrophysical Institute

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European Agrophysical Institute (EAI) was founded in 2013 and is organized as a nonprofit, scientific and education organization. It is registered in Lugano, Switzerland, according to Switzerland  laws.
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EAJEuropean Agrophysical Journal (EAJ) is an international academic journal, published by the European Agrophysical Institute

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Editorial board includes scientists from different countries…

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Outstanding Scientists of Modern Agrophysics: Creative Activity of Victor Dragavtsev
dragavtsevThe scientific work of Victor Dragavtsev, D. Sc., Prof., Academician of Russian Academy of Science, is developing mainly in two directions. The first direction is focusing the development of ecological genetics and elaboration of the genetic basis of plant breeding.

The research in the second direction began, when Victor Dragavtsev started working in Agrophysical Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia (since 2006).
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Professional/Scientific Division on Application of Fuzzy Computing in Agrophysics and Environmental Sciences (P/SD on AFC)

The purpose of P/SD on the AFC is to provide a platform for researchers and scholars to discuss the topical issues and share their latest data.

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Collaboration with Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry Reaserch of Ukraine
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